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  • Chicken Wire Mesh for zoo : Ideal Solutions for Zoo Enclosures
Chicken Wire Mesh for zoo : Ideal Solutions for Zoo Enclosures

Chicken Wire Mesh for zoo : Ideal Solutions for Zoo Enclosures

Chicken wire mesh proves versatile for zoo applications, offering affordability and durability for plastering stucco. Explore its benefits, varied applications, and easy customization for specific needs.

A peacock is spreading its tails inside chicken wire mesh enclosure.
CWM-1: Galvanized chicken wire mesh is a cheap and effective alternative for peacock cage.

A piece of galvanized chicken wire on a woman's hand.
CWM-2: Galvanized chicken wire mesh and good corrosion resistance and flexibility.

A roll of hexagonal wire mesh, hot dipped galvanized.
CWM-3: Chicken wire mesh is a light duty zoo wire mesh for peacock and small birds.

Six rolls of PVC coated chicken wire mesh packaged with black plastic film and chicken wire, three white and three green.
CWM-4: Chicken wire roll package, 30 m or 50 m a roll.


  1. Customizable Sizes: Tailor chicken wire to specific enclosure requirements, ranging from 1 inch to 3/4 inch openings, using various diameters and wire gauges.

  2. Durable Finish: Choose from electric galvanizing, hot-dip zinc plating, stainless steel, or PVC coating for corrosion resistance and flexibility, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

  3. Light Duty Zoo Wire Mesh: Crafted from thin galvanized steel or PVC-coated wire, it provides a lightweight yet robust solution for various zoo applications.

Applications of Chicken Wire :

  1. Heat Insulation in Building Walls: Used in fixed building walls for practical heat insulation in construction projects.

  2. Poultry Protection: Ideal for chicken and duck enclosures within the zoo, ensuring the safety and well-being of poultry.

  3. Engineering Support: Offers protection and support for engineering projects like seawalls, hillsides, roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

  4. Residential and Landscape Protection: Acts as a cost-effective measure for safeguarding residential areas and landscapes against environmental factors.

  5. Factory Construction: Featured in new factory construction projects, providing stability and support with specified opening hole sizes and wire diameters.

Specifications of Chicken Wire:

  1. Various Mesh Openings and Heights: Ranging from 3/8" to 4" mesh openings and heights of 1m to 6', catering to different bird species and enclosure needs.

  2. Customer-Specific Orders: Customized orders include stainless steel mesh with specific hole shapes, sizes, and wire thickness, meeting unique requirements.

Chicken Wire Mesh Specifications for Zoo:

  • Mesh: Various
  • Min. Galvanized: G/SQ.M
  • Width: 2' - 2M
  • Wire Gauge (Diameter) BWG:
    • 3/8" - 10mm
    • 1/2" - 13mm
    • 5/8" - 16mm
    • 3/4" - 20mm
    • 1" - 25mm
    • 1-1/4" - 31mm
    • 1-1/2" - 40mm
    • 2" - 50mm
    • 2-1/2" - 65mm
    • 3" - 75mm
    • 4" - 100mm

Custom Chicken Wire Orders from Customers:

  1. Backyard Chicken House:

    • A few meters of 3/4" mesh opening, 24-gauge chicken wire mesh, 2m in height, suitable for building a backyard chicken house.
  2. Kitchen Cabinet Mesh:

    • A piece of 20mm mesh opening, 19-gauge chicken wire, 2m in height, ideal for kitchen cabinet use.
  3. Chicken Enclosure Mesh:

    • Galvanized chicken wire with 1/2" openings, 25 gauge, 2m wide and 15m in length, perfect for a chicken enclosure.
  4. Light Duty Chicken Wire:

    • 1" mesh opening, 19 gauge, 2m in height, providing a light-duty solution for various applications.
  5. Garden Protection from Moles:

    • To keep moles away from gardens, a mesh with less than 1-inch diameter openings, 36 inches × 50 ft, provides an effective solution.

FAQs: Chicken Wire for Zoo

  1. Difference Between Wire Mesh and Chicken Wire:

    • Wire mesh is a broader term, while chicken wire specifically refers to wire mesh with hexagonal openings, commonly used in poultry enclosures.
  2. Best Wire Mesh for a Chicken Coop:

    • Chicken wire mesh, due to its lightweight and sturdy construction, is an ideal choice for chicken coops, providing ventilation and protection.
  3. Size of Mesh for Chickens:

    • Mesh size for chickens varies, but a common size is around 1 inch to 1.5 inches for hexagonal openings, ensuring safety and proper visibility.
  4. Benefits of Chicken Wire Mesh:

    • Lightweight, secure, well-ventilated, versatile, cost-effective, and available in customizable sizes and materials.
  5. Can Chicken Wire Mesh Be Used in Zoo Enclosures?

    • Yes, chicken wire mesh is suitable for zoo enclosures, especially for smaller birds and animals, offering practicality and cost-effectiveness.