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  • Welded Wire Mesh for Zoo: A Definitive Guide
Welded Wire Mesh for Zoo: A Definitive Guide

Welded Wire Mesh for Zoo: A Definitive Guide

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Welded wire mesh stands out as a popular choice for zoo enclosures, rivalling the traditional chain-link fence. Crafted from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, PVC coated wire, and stainless steel, this mesh adapts to various applications with ease, offering flexibility and durability.

Green PVC coated welded wire mesh with 1 inch by inch aperture
WWM-2: PVC coating protects welded wire mesh being attacked by rains, snows and other corrosion.
A piece of stainless steel wire mesh in a woman's hand.
WWM-3: Stainless steel welded mesh exhibits excellent anti-corrosion property even being heavily scratched.

Benefits of Welded Wire Mesh for Zoos:

  1. Customizable Sizes: Welded wire mesh can be tailored to any size, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse zoo applications.

  2. Simple Installation: Easy installation using common hardware makes this mesh a practical choice for zoos, facilitating efficient enclosure setups.

  3. Humane Design: With a humane feature that doesn't harm animals or people, welded wire mesh prioritizes the well-being of zoo inhabitants.

  4. Economical Choices: Galvanized and PVC-coated options provide cost-effective solutions, while stainless steel ensures a longer service life.

Types of Welded Wire Mesh for Zoos:

  1. Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh:
    • Ideal for housing birds and animals with its square or rectangular mesh openings.
  2. PVC Coated Welded Mesh:
    • Adds an extra protective layer, enhancing corrosive resistance and protecting against weather elements.
  3. Stainless Steel Welded Mesh:
    • Boasts high strength and integrity, with excellent corrosive resistance, making it suitable for various applications in transportation, mining, and entertainment.

Applications of Welded Wire Mesh in Zoos:

  1. Large Bird Cages:

    • Utilize welded mesh with a metal frame for creating spacious and secure enclosures for large birds.
  2. Bird Houses:

    • Design bird houses using welded mesh with a metal frame, providing a safe haven for birds amidst greenery.
  3. Specifications Ordered by Customers:

    • Explore custom specifications, such as 316 stainless steel welded mesh for specific hole shapes, sizes, and wire thickness.

Specifications and Orders:

  1. Budgies and Finches Enclosure:

    • 25m × 25m welded mesh covering 40 meters for a sturdy aviary at a hotel.
  2. Factory Construction:

    • 15mm × 15mm opening hole size, 6mm wire diameter, 2.2m × 5.8m panel size, ideal for building new factories.
  3. Outdoor Aviaries:

    • Strong welded wire for building outdoor aviaries, available in various heights and lengths to suit specific bird sanctuary needs.
Welded mesh with metal frame as birds house and green plants are on the mesh.
WWM-5: Welded mesh for birds house.
Welded mesh with metal frame as large birds cage and green plants are on the mesh.
WWM-4: Welded mesh for large birds

Customer's Special Orders for Welded Wire Mesh:

  1. Customized Stainless Steel Mesh:

    • Stainless steel mesh with rectangular holes, measuring 72mm × 12mm, and a sturdy wire thickness of 2.5mm, perfect for specific needs.
  2. Budgies and Finches Enclosure:

    • A robust 25m × 25m welded mesh, covering an expansive 40 meters, designed for a large and durable aviary at a hotel.
  3. Versatile Coated Wire for Animals:

    • For various animals, particularly birds, a 1" × 1/2" aperture, 36" wide coated welded wire or hardware cloth is in demand.
  4. Green PVC-Coated Mesh Roll:

    • A roll of 30m of 1/2" × 1/2" welded wire with a green PVC coating, boasting a width of 15m for added flexibility.
  5. Factory Construction Mesh:

    • Ideal for building new factories, this welded wire mesh features a 15mm × 15mm opening hole size, 6mm wire diameter, and panels sized at 2.2m × 5.8m. Each panel weighs approximately 37 kg, ensuring sturdiness.
  6. Sturdy Outdoor Aviary Mesh:

    • Specifically designed for exotic bird sanctuaries, three pieces of sturdy welded wire, measuring 50' in length and 14' in height, provide a durable outdoor aviary.
  7. Parakeets and Cockatiel Aviary Mesh:

    • Essential for parakeets and cockatiels, a 1/2" PVC-coated wire mesh, standing at 48" in height and spanning 50' in length, ensures a secure and comfortable aviary.
  8. Versatile Wire Rolls with Various Specifications:

    • Various wire rolls with different specifications, including a roll with a wire diameter of 0.8mm and mesh sizes of 25mm, 51mm, heights ranging from 30cm to 1.5m, and lengths of 50m, providing flexibility for multiple applications.

Welded wire mesh emerges as the ultimate choice for zoos, offering a blend of durability, flexibility, and humane design. With custom sizes and material options, enhance your zoo's enclosures with the strength and practicality of welded wire mesh.