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  • Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP
Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP

Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh-BMP

  • Product No.:20241513926
  • Price:9.88$-59.99$ per m2
  • Hs Code:7314490000
  • Materials:304 302 303 316 316L and so
  • Finish:Primary,Black Oxide,Vinyl Coated
  • Mesh Apeture:12.7mm to 200mm
  • MOQ:500m2
  • Guarantee:30 years
  • Shipping Time:2-7 days
  • Production Capacity:10000m2 per week
  • Wire Strands:7x7 and 7x19
  • Weave types:ferruled or inter-woven
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When it comes to architectural design, the materials you choose are as crucial as the design itself. BMP's flexible stainless steel cable mesh is a testament to this, offering a blend of strength, elegance, and versatility. This article delves into the features, applications, and advantages of BMP’s stainless steel cable netting, making it a prime choice for diverse architectural applications.


When we talk about stainless steel cable mesh, the term 'flexible' might seem a bit puzzling at first. After all, stainless steel is known for its strength and durability, not necessarily for being bendable. However, the flexibility of stainless steel cable mesh lies not in the material itself bending like rubber, but in its ability to adapt to various shapes and structures.

How is it Flexible?

  1. Versatile Shapes and Sizes: The mesh can be stretched and molded into different forms. Whether it's for curved facades of buildings, irregularly shaped barriers, or even artistic installations, this mesh can take on the challenge.

  2. Adapts to Structural Movements: Buildings and structures are not static. They move slightly with environmental changes like temperature and wind. Stainless steel cable mesh can absorb and adapt to these movements, maintaining its integrity and appearance.

  3. Easy to Work With: For architects and builders, flexibility also means ease of handling and installation. This mesh can be cut to size, shaped, and attached to frames or structures with relative ease compared to more rigid materials.

  4. Dynamic in Use: The flexibility extends to its applications. It’s not just a material for fencing or barriers; it’s used in architecture for creating dynamic facades, in zoos for animal enclosures, and in gardens for supporting plant growth.

Benefits of This Flexibility

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With its ability to take on various forms, stainless steel cable mesh adds an element of modern and dynamic aesthetics to buildings and spaces.
  • Durability Meets Adaptability: While being flexible, it doesn't compromise on strength. It can withstand harsh weather, making it a long-lasting solution.
  • Safety and Security: Its adaptability doesn’t mean it’s weak. The mesh is robust and provides excellent security, whether it’s used in balustrades or as a barrier.
  • Eco-Friendly: Its durability means a longer lifespan, leading to less frequent replacements and a positive impact on the environment.

Key Features and Specifications Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

BMP's cable mesh is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, available in various diameters like 1.2mm to 4.0mm and structures including 7x7 and 7x19. The materials used, such as ss304, ss316, and ss316L, ensure durability and resistance to corrosion. The mesh comes in two types: Ferruled and Knotted, offering flexibility in design. Aperture sizes range from 30x30mm to 150x150mm, catering to different aesthetic and functional needs.

Technical informations Parameters Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Item No. Cable Diameter Mesh Aperture (W x H) Mesh Aperture (mm) Normal Break (lbs)
BM-3212F 1/8" 4.75 x 8.23 120 x 207.8 1600
BM-3210F 1/8" 4 x 6.9 102 x 156 1600
BM-3290F 1/8" 3.55 x 6.15 90 x 156 1600
BM-3276F 1/8" 3 x 5.2 76 x 131.6 1600
BM-3251F 1/8" 2 x 3.46 51 x 88.3 1600
BM-2410F 3/32" 4 x 6.9 102 x 176.7 920
BM-2490F 3/32" 3.55 x 6.15 90 x 156 920
BM-2476F 3/32" 3 x 5.2 76 x 131.6 920
BM-2460F 3/32" 2.4 x 4.16 60 x 104 920
BM-2451F 3/32" 2 x 3.46 51 x 88.3 920
BM-2076F 5/64" 3 x 5.2 76 x 131.6 676
BM-2060F 5/64" 2.4 x 4.16 60 x 104 676
BM-2051F 5/64" 2 x 3.46 51 x 88.3 676
BM-2038F 5/64" 1.5 x 2.6 38 x 65.8 676
BM-1676F 1/16" 3 x 5.2 76 x 131.6 480
BM-1651F 1/16" 2 x 3.46 51 x 88.3 480
BM-1638F 1/16" 1.5 x 2.6 38 x 65.8 480
BM-1630F 1/16" 1.2 x 2.08 30 x 52 480
BM-1625F 1/16" 1 x 1.73 25.4 x 44 480

Wide Array of Applications

The versatility of BMP's cable mesh makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It’s commonly used in balustrades, barriers, facade trellises, green walls, and animal enclosures. Its adaptability makes it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.

Unmatched Advantages Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

BMP's stainless steel cable mesh stands out for its extreme robustness and weather resistance, suitable for outdoor use. Its customizable nature ensures that it meets the specific requirements of any project. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it's also environmentally friendly, reusable, and chemical-free. Its lightweight yet high strength, rust resistance, and flexibility add to its appeal, alongside its impact resistance and large breaking force. The mesh boasts a solid structure, offering a service life of over 30 years.

Packing and Shipping

The mesh is meticulously packed with plastic foam and waterproof cloth, and then placed in fumigated wooden cases for safe shipping. Options include air freight or express services like DHL, TNT, EMS, or FedEx, ensuring safe and timely delivery.

Choosing the Right Mesh

When selecting the right mesh for your project, consider the cable diameter, mesh aperture, type (woven or ferruled), material, dimensions, and quantity. BMP offers expert advice to help you choose the best options for your specific needs.

Conclusion Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

BMP's flexible stainless steel cable mesh transcends traditional building materials, emerging as a pivotal solution in actualizing architectural conceptions. This mesh amalgamates enduring resilience, visual sophistication, and multifaceted utility, positioning itself as a quintessential element for those aspiring to infuse distinctiveness into their architectural ventures. Embrace the vanguard of design innovation with BMP's groundbreaking cable mesh, an embodiment of both form and function.