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  • Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh
  • Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh
  • Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh
  • Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh
Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh

Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh

  • Product No.:202432114730
  • Price:9.88$-59.99$ per m2
  • Hs Code:7314490000
  • Materials:304 302 303 316 316L and so
  • Finish:Primary,Black Oxide,Vinyl Coated
  • Mesh Apeture:12.7mm to 200mm
  • MOQ:500m2
  • Guarantee:30 years
  • Shipping Time:2-7 days
  • Production Capacity:10000m2 per week
  • Wire Strands:7x7 and 7x19
  • Weave types:ferruled or inter-woven
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Are you in search of an effective solution for your climbing plants? Look no further! BMP introduces its Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh, an elegant and durable solution for your garden. Engineered from stainless steel 304, 316, and 316L, our trellis mesh not only supports your plants but also enhances your garden's aesthetic appeal.


  1. For Climbing Plants: It gives climbing plants like ivy or jasmine a structure to grow on.
  2. Garden Fences: It works as a living fence, filled with plants for privacy and beauty.
  3. Green Walls: You can create a green wall on buildings for a natural look and feel.
  4. Balcony Railings: It turns balcony railings into green spaces, adding plants for decoration and privacy.
  5. Indoor Decor: It's great for indoor gardens, helping to bring a bit of nature inside.

Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh Benefits:

  1. Supports Plant Growth: It helps plants climb and spread, making your garden lush and full.
  2. Durable: Made of wire rope, it's strong and lasts a long time, even outdoors.
  3. Flexible Design: You can shape it to fit any space, big or small.
  4. Easy to Install: Setting it up is simple, so you can start planting right away.
  5. Improves Privacy: As plants grow, they create a natural screen that adds privacy to your space.
  6. Beautifies Spaces: It turns blank walls into vibrant areas filled with greenery.
  7. Eco-Friendly: It encourages more green spaces, which is good for the environment.

Composition of Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, and Stainless Steel 316L:

Material C (%) Si (%) Mn (%) Cr (%) Ni (%) S (%) P (%)
Stainless Steel 304 ≤0.07 ≤1.0 ≤2.0 17.0-19.0 8.0-11.0 ≤0.03 ≤0.035
Stainless Steel 316 ≤0.08 ≤1.00 ≤2.00 16.0-18.5 10.0-14.0 ≤0.03 ≤0.035
Stainless Steel 316L ≤0.03 ≤1.00 ≤2.00 16.0-18.0 12.0-15.0 ≤0.03 ≤0.045

Quality Material for Optimal Durability:

BMP is committed to offering products of superior quality. Our Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh is crafted from top-notch stainless steel variants - SS304, SS316, and SS316L. Each variant has specific compositions for optimal strength and durability, ensuring your plants have the support they need to thrive.

Benefits of Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh:

High Strength and Flexibility:

Our trellis mesh boasts high strength and toughness. You can bend and fold it freely, making installation and transport a breeze. It stands strong against heavy snow and gales, proving its exceptional durability.

Safe and Eco-friendly:

BMP makes its products with the environment in mind. Our trellis mesh contains no harmful materials, ensuring it's safe for your plants and the planet.

Every garden is unique, and we appreciate that. Our mesh aperture, or the mesh hole size, can be customized according to your requirements. Regardless of how big or small your design is, our hand-woven stainless steel netting can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

The Perfect Mesh Orientation:

You can also tension our wire rope trellis mesh into different three-dimensional shapes, like funnels, cylinders, or spheres. This flexibility lets you pick the perfect shape for your plants to climb, bringing a creative touch to your garden.

A roll of stainless steel cable in construction of 7 * 7.
Stainless steel cable
High tensile stainless steel cable, made of AISI304, 304L, 316, 316L, is available in various diameters and constructions such as 7 × 7 and 7 × 19.
Various stainless steel sleeves used to match cable mesh perimeter rope and perimeter strand
Stainless steel sleeve
Shiny stainless steel sleeves, made of quality AISI316, match our range of cable mesh, perimeter ropes and strands in different diameters well.
Four stainless steel cable eye ends in different sizes
Cable eye ends
Four stainless steel cable eye ends are sized down with the smallest in the left and suit cables in diameter of 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm.
Stainless steel and plastic suspension rope clamps
Suspension rope clamps
Two types of suspension rope clamps for bonding cable crossing together, the left is made of stainless steel and the right is made of plastic.
Two types of stainless steel turnbuckles
Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh turnbuckle
Stainless steel turnbuckle is ideal for areas requiring a great deal of tension, whether it be in gardens, fence or large structural elements in buildings.
Three types of external thread ends for stainless steel cables
External thread ends
External thread ends, made of high quality stainless steel material, allow for high holding strength and make it easy to assemble rope mesh on site.
Three stainless variable rod articulations.
Rod articulation
Three rod articulations permit variable angles and available in different sizes to suit internal & external threads in different sizes such as M8, M10 and M12.
A stainless steel wall mount for cable ends
Wall mount
Wall mount is an smart stainless steel device for mounting cable meshes to the wall conveniently and quickly to form a green facade for climbing plants.


Stainless Steel Plant Supporting Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh Specifications:

Our specifications cater to a range of garden requirements. Here's a look at our detailed specifications:

Material Cable Diameter Hole Size Normal Break
SS304/316/316L 3/32" (2.4MM) 2.5" x 2.5" 920LBS
SS304/316/316L 3/32" (2.4MM) 3" x 3" 920LBS
SS304/316/316L 3/32" (2.4MM) 4" x 4" 920LBS
SS304/316/316L 5/64" (2.0MM) 2.5" x 2.5" 676 LBS
SS304/316/316L 5/64" (2.0MM) 3" x 3" 676 LBS
SS304/316/316L 5/64" (2.0MM) 4" x 4" 676 LBS

These are just a few examples. We can create customized trellis meshes based on your garden's specific needs.

In Conclusion:

BMP's Wire Rope Climber Plant Trellis Mesh is a blend of high-quality materials, design flexibility, and environmental consciousness. It is not just a supporting tool for your climbing plants; it's a step towards creating a unique, safe, and enduring garden space. Opt for our trellis mesh and let your plants and your garden stand out with elegance and strength.