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  • Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution
  • Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution
  • Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution
  • Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution
Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution

Black Oxide Zoo Mesh: A Reliable and Long-lasting Solution

  • Product No.:202436131545
  • Price:9.88$-59.99$ per m2
  • Hs Code:7314490000
  • Materials:304 302 303 316 316L and so
  • Finish:Primary,Black Oxide,Vinyl Coated
  • Mesh Apeture:12.7mm to 200mm
  • MOQ:500m2
  • Guarantee:30 years
  • Shipping Time:2-7 days
  • Production Capacity:10000m2 per week
  • Wire Strands:7x7 and 7x19
  • Weave types:ferruled or inter-woven
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Black Oxide Zoo Mesh is a reliable and long service life stainless steel zoo mesh product. Black oxide is widely applicated in stainless steel wire rope mesh and wire cable materials which provides a natural appearance in bird protection network environments such as black wire fences and bird reserves. The black oxide zoo mesh has many advantages over the stainless steel fence and bird protection net environment, The stainless steel zoo mesh is important for how things look and for saving money. You can get it made in any size of holes, just the way you want it. It doesn't matter if you want small holes or big ones. This flexibility is why designers and customers really like it.

Black oxide how to effect zoo mesh life

When we talk about how long zoo mesh lasts, or its "service life," we're looking at how well it stands up to different things that could wear it out or damage it over time. Black oxide zoo mesh, which is a special kind of wire mesh used in zoos, has a pretty good service life because of its strong material and protective coating. Let's break down what affects its lifespan and how it manages to last so long.

Material Matters Black Oxide Zoo Mesh

Firstly, the mesh is made of stainless steel, a very tough material. Stainless steel is known for its strength and ability to resist rust, which means it doesn't get damaged easily by water or moisture. This is super important for outdoor use, especially in places like zoos where the mesh is exposed to all kinds of weather.

The Black Oxide Advantage

The black oxide part of the zoo mesh is a special coating that goes on the stainless steel. This coating does a few cool things:

  • Looks Better: It gives the mesh a nice, dark look that blends in with the natural surroundings. This makes it less noticeable and keeps the focus on the animals.
  • Rust Resistance: Even though stainless steel is already good at fighting off rust, the black oxide coating adds an extra layer of protection. This is like having an umbrella and a raincoat on a rainy day.
  • Temperature Control: The dark color absorbs sunlight, which can help keep the mesh warmer in cold weather. However, it's still important to consider that in very hot climates, the mesh could get too hot to the touch, so its placement needs careful planning.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of the zoo mesh by regularly checking it and cleaning it can also make a big difference in how long it lasts. Simple actions, like wiping down the mesh to remove dirt and salt (which can come from rain or sea air), help prevent damage and keep the mesh strong for years.

Environmental Impact

The environment where the zoo mesh is used also plays a big role. For example, in coastal areas where there's a lot of salt in the air, or in places with high pollution, the mesh might face more challenges. However, thanks to its design and materials, black oxide zoo mesh is better equipped to handle these conditions compared to other types of mesh.

2.1Quick Information

Standard Black Oxide Wire cable structure: 7x7, 7x19 high-quality Stainless steel cable
Standard cable diameter(mm): 1.0 1.2 1.5 1.6 2.0 2.4 2.5 3.0 3.2 4.0 5.0
Popular materials: 304 304L 316 316L
black oxide zoo mesh

2.2 Option of Wire Rope Mesh Types

Like other stainless steel cable mesh, the black oxide wire rope mesh available the ferruled ad is woven one while comparing with the ferruled type mesh due to totally workers hand woven, so the knotted mesh is expensive than ferruled mesh
Knotted Type SS316 With Black Oxide Finished Wire Rope Mesh Fencing 1

2.3 Black Oxide Zoo Mesh Advantage

Stainless Steel Black Oxide Zoo Mesh with the following advantage

  • Black oxide Zoo Mesh has the visual attraction of the natural appearance of animal exhibits
  • fewer interruptions
  • consistent coverage
  • rapid turnover
  • large oxidation tanks for more efficient production

2.4 Black Oxide Zoo Mesh Application Black Oxide Zoo Mesh

  • zoo net cover
  • bird nets for bird reserves
  • other black line fences for animal fences
  • stainless steel wire and cable
  • Animal Control Barriers

2.5 Application:

Black oxide zoo mesh is a type of strong and durable wire mesh often used in zoos. Here are some of its main applications, explained in simple words:

  • Animal Enclosures: People use it to make safe spaces for animals to live in. This mesh is strong enough to keep big animals like lions, tigers, and bears inside, while also allowing visitors to see them clearly.
  • Bird Aviaries: It's great for building large cages for birds. Because the mesh is thin and dark, it's hard to see from a distance, making it feel like there's no barrier at all. This lets birds fly around more naturally while keeping them safe.
  • Walkways and Bridges: In some zoos, you can walk through areas surrounded by this mesh to get close to animals like monkeys and birds without any risk. The mesh is strong enough to keep animals in their own space while people walk through.
  • Safety Nets: Sometimes, this mesh works as a safety net. For areas where animals might climb or where there's a risk of falling objects, this mesh can protect both animals and visitors.
  • Separation Panels: Within large enclosures, this mesh can divide spaces. This is helpful when different kinds of animals need to live close to each other but not in the same space.
  •  Steel Mesh Balustrade - bridge, stair, balcony, path
  • Cable Mesh - Excellent Solution to Safety
  • Safety Net - Structural Measure to Prevent Suicide
  •  Helipad Safety Net - Modular Heliport Webbing
  •  Cable Zoo Mesh - Solution to Enclosing Most Animals
  •  Aviary Netting - Lightweight, Durable and Long Lasting
  •  Green Facade - Cable System for Most Climbing Plants

2.6 Feature of Stainless Steel Black Oxide Zoo Mesh:

  • Flat and smooth mesh surface, Unique lines, Robust overall structure, and Beautiful appearance
  • Good toughness, anti-climb performance, shock proofing, and crash-resistant, not easy for deformation and damage, with good cushioning
  • Good decoration effect and protection function
  • Black oxide Zoo mesh is manufactured from high-grade stainless steel cables of material class 1.4401, AISI316 / AISI316L.
  • Finished diamond mesh style when it is stretched at a 60-degree angle
  • Unique design idea, X tend mesh style
  • Flexible, elegant, discreet, filigreed, multifunctional.
  • Corrosion-resistant allows strong airflow.
  • Fully pro-environment, recyclable, no toxic, and flammable.
  • Easy installation
  • Once steel cable black oxide mesh is used, maintenance-free, don't ask for any special cleaning or coating.
    Long use life


Black stainless steel cable mesh is a special process surface treatment of stainless steel rope woven mesh, the deeper play a preservative effect, optimal stretched at 90-degree angle. Structure of Wire Cable:7X7,7X9 rope:1.2mm,1.6mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.0mm. opening ( OW ):20mm - 200mm. Horizontal and Vertical Opening Orientation.

Hole Size 1.2MM(3/64) 1.6MM(1/16) 2.0MM(5/64) 2.4MM(3/32) 3.2MM(1/8)
20 x 35mm BMP-1235        
25 x 42mm BMP-1225 BMP-1625      
30 x 52mm BMP-1230 BMP-1630 BMP-2030    
35 x 60mm BMP-1235 BMP-1635 BMP-2035    
38 x 66mm BMP-1238 BMP-1638 BMP-2038 BMP-2438  
40 x 69mm BMP-1240 BMP-1640 BMP-2040 BMP-2440 BMP-3040
50 x 86mm BMP-1250 BMP-1650 BMP-2050 BMP-2450 BMP-3050
60 x 104mm BMP-1260 BMP-1660 BMP-2060 BMP-2460 BMP-3060
70 x 120mm BMP-1270 BMP-1670 BMP-2070 BMP-2470 BMP-3070
76 x 131mm BMP-1276 BMP-1676 BMP-2076 BMP-2476 BMP-3076
80 x 138mm BMP-1280 BMP-1680 BMP-2080 BMP-2480 BMP-3080
90 x 154mm BMP-1290 BMP-1690 BMP-2090 BMP-2490 BMP-3090
100 x 173mm BMP-12100 BMP-16100 BMP-20100 BMP-24100 BMP-30100
120 x 206mm BMP-12120 BMP-16120 BMP-20120 BMP-24120 BMP-30120

2.7-1 Wire Rope Mesh Details

Stainless steel black oxide cable mesh is also known as a safety netting system. It is widely used in slope reinforcement. The system is mainly made up of wire, which enjoys the essential functions to cover (initiative protection) and intercept (passive protection) to defend against various geological disasters. It is widely used in Animal Enclosure mesh, animal cages, bird netting, Agriculture, Residential, Sports, Fall Security, Etc.

Mesh Type Ferruled or Knotted
Mesh Angle 60 degrees in rhombus shape
Mesh Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
Panel Measurement Custom-made in width and length
Finished Black Oxide
Application Balustrade, Facade Cladding, Animal Enclosure, Aviary Netting

Black oxide zoo mesh design

2.8 RFQ Of Black Oxide Zoo Mesh

1. Advantage of black oxide zoo mesh
Unique design. 3D-structure, Flexible, Lightweight, Corrosion-resistant, Maintenance-free. Ten years rust guaranteed.
2. 304 or 316 stainless steel?
- Generally, the 304 stainless steel is cheaper than 316 stainless steel, to flexible wire rope mesh, the main cost is process cost, so the cost of mesh between 304 and 316 is almost identical. We suggest choosing 316 stainless steel.
3. What is the difference between cable and opening?
- The heavier cable or smaller the opening, the cost more expensive.
4. Is it safe?
- Full mesh meet test under EN1263.1.2014
5. How to install the black oxide zoo mesh!
- Full of our piece is manufactured with a unique edge design. Install by yourself easily.


Black oxide zoo mesh is a great choice for creating safe, strong, and good-looking enclosures for animals and birds. It blends in well with natural surroundings, making it perfect for zoos and aviaries. This mesh protects animals, lets in plenty of light and air, and keeps visitors safe. It's easy to maintain and lasts a long time. For anyone looking to build animal homes that are both secure and attractive, black oxide zoo mesh is a top pick.